Pool & sauna
At nancy’s.

Have you ever noticed how hotels seem to build SPAs which are replicas of ancient Roman baths? A trend which caught on in the 2000s, and even Nancy’s has one, complete with saunas and whirlpools (and yes, people throw actual coins in them, as though they were in Rome), frescoes, and breathtaking tiles. No picture would do this wonder any justice, so you can look forward to one big surprise. The new outdoor heated pool is open all year round. Nancy’s guests have free access to both.

Good to know

So wait – is Nancy's a wellness hotel?

No, there are other wellness temples in Val Pusteria. Here at Nancy’s you’ll find an “ancient” Roman bath in the basement of the main building – and by ancient, we mean built in the year 2000. It boasts saunas and whirlpools – coins scattered on the pools’ tiles included. A bit of a cult phenomenon, if you ask us, which is why we’ve left it the way it is – that will surely make Walter’s day, as he was the one who built it in the first place. We built the new pool in summer 2023 – outdoor but with access from inside the building, and also added a chill-out room and a yoga room. The NEW HOMES also have a private whirlpool and private infrared sauna. Nancy’s isn’t a wellness hotel because our guests are out and about all day long. Or enjoying a bit of quality “me time” at the cafe and bar. Wellness is a fringe benefit – there if you want it, but not the sole reason for your holiday.

Pool opening times

7:30 am – 7:30 pm.

Saturdays: open until 10 pm for the “Dip & Sip” – enjoy delicious, pool-side cocktails.

Spa Opening Times

04.30 - 07.30 pm.

Can I book a massage or wellness treatment?

Why not? There’s no better thing on earth than a sports massage. We can book and organise one on-site. Just give us enough advance warning to do so.


Jazzed up apartments, Canadian timber huts, Alpine or new chalets.


What does Nancy’s offer? First and foremost – utmost flexibility.